In between sewing hats, masks and other projects, I am currently spending my spare time experimenting with different colours, patterns and mediums to see what effects I can achieve for future designs. Experimentation is a large part of my design process, (with much of it being failed experiments to see what mediums will work together and the versatility of the end result) I have been basing my current design work on the colours of the cosmos and other inspirational imagery of vivid pallets in nature erosion which you can check out on pinterest

These Petals have been created using acid dyes, mica powders and inks. Different silks will absorb the dyes and other mediums in their own way creating different depths of colours and effects, once the the petal is sculpted the effect is different again, and then again, when the whole flower is constructed.

So when a client asks me they want a blush rose with a sage hint I may end up creating countless experiments to get the bleed and colour balance right for the perfect end result, alongside taking notes of the dye mixes so I will be able to reproduce the same result again.

Practice makes perfect and this is why I like to make countless experiments using unusual colour combinations and mediums to give myself a wider understanding of what effects that can be achieved, my latest favourite trial was the rainbow rose.

I currently have some alcohol inks on order and I am excited to see how these are going to work ….