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Bespoke Tartan Mask Set

I thought it might be insightful to share how some of my bespoke creations are made, and the process involved in actualising a client’s vision by executing my skills and existing designs. Today I am going to discuss how the tartan masks came into creation. I had an...

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Silk Petal Painting

In between sewing hats, masks and other projects, I am currently spending my spare time experimenting with different colours, patterns and mediums to see what effects I can achieve for future designs. Experimentation is a large part of my design process, (with much of...

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HeLLO WoRLd and wELcoMe tO tHe LaUnch of JessiCouture's NeW WeBsiTe, wHeRe you'll fInD haNd CraFted CostuMes, MaSks and BridAL AccessOries, pLeAse fEel frEe to CoNtacT me iF yOu RequIRe mOre InFoRmaTioN

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